LG Refrigerator Express Freeze (Explained)

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If your LG refrigerator has an ice maker function, you might be wondering what the Express Freeze button does. Read on to find out what it does, how to turn it on/off, and when to use it.

What is LG Refrigerator Express Freeze?

The Express Freeze function increases the volume of cold air within the freezer for 20 hours, enabling quicker ice to be made. 

How LG Refrigerator Express Freeze Works

Express freeze is unique to LG fridges with an ice maker but works for both the normal in-door ice maker and the CRAFT ice maker (if you have one). If you need lots of ice, quickly:

  1. Empty one/both ice bins into a separate container, then place that within the freezer
  2. Reinsert both bins and press Express Freeze for 3 seconds
  3. Keep the freezer door closed to keep the cold air in
  4. Repeat as needed, or turn Express Freeze off when you have enough

How to Turn Express Freeze On

Press the ‘Express Freeze On/Off’ button for 3 seconds. This will turn the feature on for 20 hours.

How to Turn Express Freeze Off

Press the ‘Express Freeze On/Off’ button for 3 seconds. Alternatively, it’ll turn off automatically after 20 hours.

LG ThinQ App

The LG ThinQ app is a convenient multi-platform, Alexa-enabled app providing smart functionalities for all your LG appliances. 

Using the app, it’s possible to control various LG appliances, including your refrigerator. It also provides status alerts, error diagnosis, and other benefits.

How to Turn Express Freeze On Within LG ThinQ

Click on the refrigerator model shown on your smartphone, then in the Freezer section of the app, toggle the Express Freeze function to ‘ON’.

How to Turn Express Freeze Off Within LG ThinQ

Click on the refrigerator model shown on your smartphone, then in the Freezer section of the app, toggle the Express Freeze function to ‘OFF’.

When to Use LG Fridge Express Freeze

A typical LG refrigerator will produce around 3 lbs of ice per day, with the CRAFT ice maker creating an additional 6 spheres. 

Express Freeze will roughly double these numbers – great if you’re planning a party or need ice quickly. 

However, if the plan is to stockpile, you will need to keep an eye on it, as ice production will still stop automatically when the ice bins are full. 


How long does it take for LG freezer to make ice?

It’ll take around 12-24 hours from switch on to see your first full batch of ice, but this may contain impurities from the water line, so it should be discarded. You can speed this up using the Express Freeze function.

How fast is LG Express Freeze?

Once activated, LG Express Freeze will begin creating ice at a faster rate almost immediately and until 20 hours have lapsed.

How do I get more ice in my LG freezer?

Look for an Express Freeze or Ice Plus setting, it increases the amount of cold air in the freezer allowing ice to be produced faster. If you want to stockpile, empty the ice bin when full into a separate container.

What does LG refrigerators’ ice plus mean?

This is another name for Express Freeze – it speeds up the production of ice for 20 hours.

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What is Craft Ice from LG?

An LG CRAFT ice maker creates large spherical ice cubes, which last significantly longer than regular ice. If you have one – it’s typically built into the top of the interior freezer section.

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