LG Refrigerator Ice Plus (How and When to Use It)

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If you’re having a get-together or frequently find yourself running out of ice – LG’s Ice Plus feature may be the answer to your problems. 

Ice Plus is a special feature on some LG refrigerators that increases the number of ice cubes produced. When activated, a new tray of ice cubes will be available within two hours, half the usual time. It works for Craft Ice too!

How LG Refrigerator Ice Plus Feature Works

For the models that include this feature, it works by turning on the compressor and running it hard to chill down the freezer section more than usual – allowing the ice maker to double its production. 

The feature will stay activated for 24 hours unless it is turned off. Given that it will use more energy during this time, I’d recommend only enabling it when more ice production is required.

Tip: Try setting a reminder using Alexa or your phone alarm to remind yourself to turn it off – this helps to avoid wasting money by accidentally leaving Ice Plus turned on overnight.

Ice Plus Ice Capacities vs. Normal Capacities

LG refrigerators are typically capable of producing around 3 lbs of ice daily. With LG Ice Plus enabled, this is boosted to 7 lbs of ice every 24 hours – assuming there’s space in the ice bin for continuous production.

There is an exception to be aware of though. If your LG features the Slim SpacePlus® Ice System – Ice Plus will only increase daily production from 3.5 lbs to 3.8 lbs. It’s still an increase, but not half as substantial as some other models. 

How to turn LG Refrigerator Ice Plus On

It depends on the model, but typically just look for the Snowflake or Ice Plus button and press it for 2-3 seconds. 

How to turn LG Refrigerator Ice Plus Off

It depends on the model, but typically just look for the Snowflake or Ice Plus button and press it for 2-3 seconds until the backlight goes off.

How to Turn On Ice Plus – Standard LG Refrigerator

  1. Locate the Control Panel (it’s usually on the front or near the ice bin)
  2. Find the Ice Plus button, it might have a Snowflake symbol
  3. Press down on the Ice Plus button, and wait 3 seconds to receive confirmation that it has been enabled
  4. The Ice Plus symbol should be illuminated to confirm it’s now turned on

Note: To turn Ice Plus off, press the symbol again until it is no longer illuminated.

How to Turn On Ice Plus – LG InstaView Refrigerator

  1. Tap the screen to wake it up
  2. Go into the Settings tab
  3. Select Refrigerator Manager (or Cooler Manager)
  4. Find the Ice Plus mode and select ON

Note: To turn Ice Plus off, repeat the process but in Step 4, select OFF instead.

If you’re struggling, watch this demonstration video from LG:

How to Turn Ice Plus On Using LG SmartThinQ App

The LG SmartThinQ mobile app allows Android and iOS users to control their compatible LG appliances from their smartphones. 

Once installed and connected, you can use the app to enable (and disable) the Ice Plus option using the toggle slider. 

As mentioned earlier, the Ice Plus mode will run for 24 hours or until it is manually disabled.

How and When to Use Ice Plus

A couple of hours before you’ll need more ice, enable Ice Plus to ensure more ice is available when needed. It will also continue to provide ice quicker than normal for a full 24 hours until deactivated or until the ice bin is full.  


Does LG Ice Plus work for Craft Ice?

Yes! It will increase production for both the normal ice maker and the spherical Craft ice maker.

Will LG Ice Plus work if my ice bin is full?

It will generate ice at a faster rate, but once the ice bin is full, it’ll stop production until there’s more space. If you want to stockpile ice, empty the ice bin(s) into another container and keep that in your freezer.

Why is my LG Ice Plus not working?

There are many reasons for this, including inadequate water pressure, defective water filter, or seized ice buckets.

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