How to Turn Samsung Ice Maker ON/OFF – All Models Included

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Knowing how to turn on/off your Samsung ice maker, particularly if you enjoy cold drinks, is essential. 

In this article, I’ll guide you through how to turn your Samsung ice maker on and off, regardless of what model of Samsung refrigerator you have. 

I’ll then take you through a troubleshooting guide for when these steps aren’t working. 

How to Turn On and Off a Samsung Ice Maker

For most models, simply press the “Ice Maker” button for 3-5 seconds until the indicator light illuminates. It might take a few minutes to start churning and a few hours for ice to be produced.

Follow the same steps to turn the ice maker off.

Samsung refrigerator ice maker

How to Turn On and Off Samsung Bespoke Model Ice Makers

The Bespoke Samsung refrigerator features a built-in dual ice maker that produces 2 types of ice; cubed and crushed. 

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You can turn on both ice makers simultaneously or switch on only one if you want a specific type of ice. 

To select which ice maker to change the settings on:

  • Tap any button to activate the display panel in the refrigerator
  • Press the O button until the Ice Maker indicator lights up
  • Press the < or > button to switch between cubed and crushed

 Then to turn it on/off:

  • Tap the O button to confirm the ice-type choice
  • Tap < or > to toggle it on/off
  • Press the O button again to confirm your selection

Note: If you’re using the ice maker for the first time, ensure you turn on both ice makers and allow them to produce ice for a day or two, but take care to discard the first couple of cycles produced. This will ensure your ice is created using fresh and purified water.

How to Turn On and Off Samsung Top-Mount Model Ice Makers

  1. Press and hold the POWER FREEZE button on the left side of the control panel for 3-5 seconds until the ice maker icon illuminates
  2. To turn it off, press and hold the POWER FREEZE button again for 3-5 seconds until the Ice Maker light goes off

How to Turn On and Off Samsung French Door Model Ice Makers

  1. Open the refrigerator door and locate the control panel on the right side
  2. Unlock the panel by pressing the DOOR ALARM icon for 3-5 seconds
  3. The lock icon will flash and then stop, indicating the control panel is unlocked
  4. Press the ICE MAKER button for 3-5 seconds to turn it on
  5. To save this change, press the DOOR ALARM button again for 3-5 seconds

To turn it off, simply repeat the process again.

How to Turn On and Off Samsung Bottom Freezer Model Ice Makers

  1. Simply press and hold the ICE MAKER button for 3-5 seconds until the ‘OFF’ indicator deactivates
  2. To turn it off, press and hold the ICE MAKER button again for 3-5 seconds until the ‘Off’ indicator lights up

Troubleshooting – Samsung Ice Maker Won’t Turn Off 

If your Samsung ice maker won’t turn off, there’s probably something wrong with one of the components in the ice maker – read on to discover how to identify the problem and fix it.

Ice Maker Quick Fixes

First off – I recommend trying a hard reset by turning your refrigerator off at the mains power for 30 minutes. This can get rid of any electrical issues, but you need to be careful only to do it once a day.

If you’ve been having issues with frost build-up, you should try a thorough defrost and follow it up with a deep clean of all components.

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Now you’ve tried the easiest fixes, let’s go into the detailed troubleshooting.

The Ice Control Module is Faulty

A faulty module within the control panel could be causing your ice maker to malfunction. 

How to Fix

Unless you’re competent with electrics, you’ll need professional help to check and replace the module as the process is quite complex, and you don’t want to risk an electric shock.

Faulty Shut Off or Ice Maker Power Switch

There may be a fault deeper within the ice maker electronics, either with the shut-off switch or on/off power switch.

How to Fix

You can disconnect the ice maker to have access to the switches, then use a multimeter to test for current flow in the device. You’ll need to replace the switch if there is no resistance and current flow. 

If you’re not confident around electronics, it’s recommended to get in touch with a professional to diagnose and repair this.

The Feeler Paddle is Damaged

The feeler paddle is responsible for telling your refrigerator when the ice bucket is full. If it’s faulty, the ice maker may continue producing ice indefinitely.

How to Fix

If it’s faulty, you’ll need to replace the feeler paddle. This can be a DIY fix if you’re confident, or you might want to instruct an appliance technician.

The Water Inlet Valve is Faulty

Typically, you can tell that the water inlet valve is the main issue when the ice maker starts to produce oddly shaped ice. 

This is happening because the valve isn’t closing and instead continues distributing water. This causes frozen drips and puddling in the ice maker which eventually merges with the ice and creates obscure shapes. 

How to Fix

Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix, and you’ll need to replace the inlet valve. 

However, this can be a complex task, so an appliance technician might be a good call. If you want to try a DIY fix: 

  1. Shut off the water and power supply before you start 
  2. Put a towel or bucket underneath the valve to absorb excess water
  3. Replace the broken valve with the new one

Seeking Professional Advice

If you’re still having problems despite the above, now would be a good time to call an appliance technician to get the problem diagnosed and resolved.

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