5 Easy Ways to Find Kenmore Fridge Size By Model Number

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Knowing the size of a refrigerator comes in handy when trying to determine whether a showroom model has sufficient capacity for your family or your old model has finally given up, and you want to compare newer models to what you currently have. 

The Kenmore refrigerator range typically sits between 10-35 cubic feet at the top end. But it’s helpful to narrow that down.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to find your Kenmore refrigerator sizes by model number. But if you don’t have the model number, there are other methods to work out the size too. 

In this article, I’ll explain how to locate the model number for a Kenmore fridge (if you own one already) and how to figure out its relative size. If you’re unable to find the model number, I’ll also cover some alternative methods.

How to Find a Kenmore Refrigerator Model Number

The model number and serial number are typically on a label inside the refrigerator. It’ll usually be against a wall, behind a drawer, or behind the toe kick-plate. 

This really is the easiest way to find out everything you need to know about your refrigerator, so it’s worth taking the extra time to find it – the label often has the cubic feet capacity stated beside the model number. 

If you can’t find the label, other places you can find the model number include the warranty card, the product or user manual, or the sales receipt.

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5 Ways to Find Kenmore Refrigerator Size By Model Number

5 Ways to Find Kenmore Refrigerator Size By Model Number

Use the Kenmore Website

If you know the model number of your Kenmore refrigerator, type that into the manuals section of the Kenmore website to find your user guide, which will detail both the physical size and internal capacity. 

Work Backward from the Model Number

The model number for Kenmore fridges usually starts with several letters and then some numbers. The first two numbers in the model number sequence are likely to indicate the size in cubic feet.

Note that this is a little unreliable because it doesn’t apply universally. 

However, it’s valid to use this approach as one data point and cross-reference it with one of the other methods too.

Seek Help from Customer Services

Another method to work out the size of a certain model number is to get in touch with Customer Services. 

If you have the serial number or model number, Kenmore staff will be able to locate the information required.

Use the Kenmore Contact Form on their website, or try their live chat option if you’d rather not talk on the phone. 

As long as it’s a real person on the other end (and not an AI system supplying generic responses to common questions), you should get the answers you’re looking for. 

Rough Out the Numbers Yourself

What you’re looking for is the internal storage capacity of the refrigerator. 

While the doors, the walls, internal shelving, and other parts take up a little of the internal space, it’s still possible to get a rough idea of the numbers.

Look out for a tape measure, and use the formula below to work it out.

Multiply the Width x Height x Depth 

If you’re terrible at mathematics, this cubic feet calculator does the heavy lifting for you.

Do bear in mind that this will calculate the total cubic feet of the refrigerator only, and some space may be committed to fixed features like the drinks dispenser, ice maker, etc. 

You can repeat the process for the freezer and add the two together to get your total capacity. This will only give a rough figure as the fixtures and fittings will take up some space. 

So, reduce the number by 5-10% to allow for this lost space and get a more realistic estimate.

Match the Kenmore Model Number to Known Sizing

Kenmore has a sizable range of refrigerators. However, the majority of their refrigerators fit into certain model number categories.

Even when there are variations within these models – a few extra features perhaps – the unit itself often remains comparable in size to other versions of that model.

Kenmore Refrigerator Size By Model Number – 6 Popular Models

Here are the specifications for the 6 most popular Kenmore refrigerator models.

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Sizes

I begin with the Kenmore Elite because it’s a common one that trips people up. There is no single cubic feet measurement for Elite models from Kenmore.

For example, the Kenmore Elite 74302 model is 29.8 cubic feet. It’s one of their Smart French Door fridge models with the latest hi-tech sophistication for your kitchen. 

Meanwhile, some other Kenmore Elite models are closer to 25 cubic feet – a significant downsize. 

Because of this, it’s impossible to take an average of these because it can be hugely misleading. This means you’ll need to dig deeper into what the exact model is within the Elite range to know for sure how big it is. 

Note: if it turns out to be the 795 model, we feature this model later in the rundown! 

Kenmore Refrigerator Size for Model Number 106

The Kenmore 106 fridge is larger than the 253 model that is featured next, with a modest 20.6 cubic feet of food and drinks storage capacity.

The storage capacity is divided between the chilled compartment – roughly 15.2 cubic ft – and the freezer compartment – 5.3 cubic ft. 

The Kenmore 106 model also provides a crisper to ensure vegetables last longer and good spacing of the shelving to help keep your food better organized. 

Kenmore Refrigerator Size for Model Number 253

The Kenmore refrigerator model 253 has approximately 18 cubic feet of internal storage.

This fridge model is an excellent compromise for small-medium sized kitchens that either lack the countertop space or the Height to support a taller, wider refrigerator. 

As compromises go, this is a good one because it still provides decent storage options without feeling like you own a compact fridge.  

Kenmore Refrigerator Size for Model Number 363

The Kenmore 363 refrigerator is a good option for portability and energy efficiency but also has ample storage at 21 cubic feet of internal capacity.

This model is distinctive with internal LED feature lighting, humidity control options, and shelving that’s fully adjustable to your needs. 

As a result, you can change the internal layout to accommodate larger or small items to customize it to your needs. 

Kenmore Refrigerator Size for Model Number 596

The Kenmore 596 is perhaps an easier model to spot by comparing product photos to your refrigerator. 

This is because of the distinctive French door design and the freezer drawers that conveniently slide out from the bottom, coupled with its modern appearance, making it easier to identify.

The cubic capacity is an expansive 25 cubic ft of storage, so it not only looks awesome but also stores plenty of food and drink supplies. 

Kenmore Refrigerator Size for Model Number 795

As we mentioned earlier, the Kenmore refrigerator model 795 is from their separate Elite range. 

Just like the 596 model above, it also has a bottom freezer section – but in this model, it’s formed from two drawers that pull out independently. 

It has 22.1 cubic ft of storage, divided between the chilled and freezer compartments. 

As you’d expect, this model has humidity controls, sophisticated airflow systems, and storage shelving that are all adjustable to your needs. 

Is It Possible to Estimate a Fridge’s Capacity by Its Type?

It’s impossible to do this precisely, but the fridge type should give you an idea about the internal storage capacity.

The reality here is that this estimate will be extremely broad and may not provide sufficient specificity to be useful. 

However, if you only need a basic idea and the previous methods to discover the cubic feet measurement failed, then this is a good next step:

Kenmore Fridge TypesCapacity Range
Top mount15.9 – 24.1 cubic feet
Freezer-less17.1 – 21 cubic feet 
French door19 – 30.6 cubic feet
Side-by-Side20.5 – 28 cubic feet
Bottom mount22 – 24.2 cubic feet
Mini or Compact1.75 – 4.6 cubic feet 

Other Methods – Math, Refrigerator Age & Internet Sleuthing 

When you’re grasping at straws because the usual methods for finding the model number have failed, or your model is so old that searches delivered little information, then external fridge size, age, and appearance are another method you can use. 


To find out the approximate internal capacity, measure the fridge in inches, then multiply the length x Width x Depth

Once you have that figure, divide it by 1728 to give you the capacity in cubic feet.


(24 inches wide X 70 inches tall x 24 inches deep) ÷ 1,728 inches in a cubic foot = 23.3 cubic feet.

Does the Serial Number Reveal the Age of My Kenmore Refrigerator?

Some serial numbers from Kenmore are longer, and these often have the full year of manufacture at the very end, which can give you a starting point. 

Particularly as older appliances are typically smaller than their modern counterparts. 

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Use an Old School Method by Making Use of Appliance Repairers

Every refrigerator model began manufacture in a certain year and continued either until the present day or some year before that. 

Possessing some idea about how old the fridge is, plus photos of the front and back of the refrigerator are a potential goldmine of information.

Consider posting these to a relevant appliance repair forum in a new board thread or on a relevant Facebook Group. 

Appliance technicians who have repaired similar models may know instantly what the model is just by sight and tell you right off the bat.

Also, the repairer will probably have a fairly accurate guess about its storage capacity too. Or, with their model information, discovering its specifications, including the capacity in cubic feet, becomes much easier. 

Knowing the End Manufacturer Is Useful Too

Lastly, something to consider is Kenmore doesn’t make their products. They’re manufactured by other brands, such as GE and Whirlpool, and then branded as Kenmore. 

The brands that they’ve partnered up with have changed over the years too, and this can depend on location and model. 

If you’re trying to use a serial number to determine age, then going directly to that end manufacturer’s website (i.e., GE, etc.) is possible. 

Each brand formats its serial numbers a little differently – and sometimes, their methods haven’t always been consistent either.

Knowing who made your refrigerator is useful information to tuck away. 

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Here it can pay dividends because when only armed with the serial number, the manufacturer may confirm more details, such as its likely age and possibly the model number. 

Even with just the age, the forum posting idea above can work for you. 

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