GE Fridge Turbo Cool: How It Works and How to Use It

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The chilled compartment of your GE refrigerator should usually be set to 37°F. However, if your fridge is new, has been unplugged for a while, or you’ve had the door open longer than usual – it might be higher than this.

In these scenarios, Turbo Cool speeds up the cooling process to return the refrigerator to the correct temperature. 

How Turbo Cools Works on GE Refrigerator

Once Turbo Cool is activated, it activates the compressor and fans to provide accelerated cooling to the chilled compartments for 8 hours or until deactivated.

The compressor and fan will stay on constantly until the internal target temperature is reached. This is usually around 37°F, but you can adjust it higher or lower to suit your household.

The Turbo Cool function ensures both the compressor and fans cycle ON/OFF as required. This is initially to reach the desired temperature and then to maintain it.  

Internal Temperature Settings Not Adjustable While Turbo Cool is Running

It is worth noting here that once Turbo Cool is enabled, the target temperature is not adjustable. 

Therefore, if you wish to change the internal temperature up or down, do this before enabling the function. 

Fans Don’t Stop Spinning if Door is Opened

When Turbo Cool is enabled, and you wish to access your fridge to retrieve an item, the fans will continue to spin. This may create more noise than you’re used to, but it’s perfectly normal.  

After 8 hours, the Turbo Cool feature will automatically disable itself. 

How to Turn Turbo Cool On and Off on Your GE Refrigerator

GE refrigerators usually have a Turbo Cool button on the control panel. Hold this down for 3-5 seconds to either activate or deactivate the cooling feature

The display panel should display “tC” to confirm that it’s turned on, but depending on your display, it might look like EC, an upside-down F with a C, or similar. 

The Turbo Cool function will stay on for 8 hours. This ensures that once the desired temperature is achieved, the temperature doesn’t creep back up.

If you prefer, you can disable the feature before the 8 hours are up by pressing the Turbo Cool button again. This cancels the function, and it will turn off. 

When to Use Turbo Cool

There are a couple of scenarios where using the Turbo Cool function on a GE fridge is worthwhile.

You’ve Just Turned the Fridge Back on or Had a Power Cut 

If the GE fridge has been off for a few hours or days, then plugging it back into the power outlet and enabling Turbo Cool will get it back to the target temperature quicker. 

This may either save your contents after a power outage or make the refrigerator ready for storage sooner.

Fridge Door(s) Have Been Open for an Extended Period

When one or more doors are left open either by accident or to refill the fridge, it quickly raises the internal temperature by filling it with room-temperature air.

Enabling Turbo Cool once the fridge is fully stocked helps to keep the new purchases fresher for longer.

The Benefits of the Turbo Cool Feature

GE’s Turbo Cool function is by no means a requirement, but it’s a nice extra to have – particularly if you’re prone to power outages or like to take time to properly organize your purchases after a shopping trip.


What does Turbo Cool do on a GE refrigerator?

Turbo Cool speeds up the cooling process to return the refrigerator to the pre-set temperature.

What is tC on GE refrigerator?

This indicates the Turbo Cool feature has been enabled. 

What is tF on GE refrigerator?

This indicates the Turbo Freeze feature has been enabled.

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