Frigidaire Refrigerator Leaking Water – Reasons & How to Fix

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A Frigidaire refrigerator leaking water is never something you want to wake up to. Discovering a pool of water on the kitchen floor begs the question, “Where is all this water coming from?”

In this article, I’ll discuss why your Frigidaire refrigerator might be leaking water, where to find the problem, and how to fix it.

8 Reasons Why Your Frigidaire Refrigerator Is Leaking Water

If life were simple, there would be a single reason for a refrigerator leaking water. But, unfortunately, we know that’s not how life works!

There are multiple potential causes for a Frigidaire refrigerator leaking water. 

While many of these could be the culprit, don’t completely discount that a water leak could have several overlapping reasons.

Also, with an older refrigerator model that hasn’t been well maintained, a water leak could be a sign that the unit is on its way out. 

Here are the 8 probable reasons why your Frigidaire refrigerator is leaking water:

  1. Refrigerator water line leaking
  2. Frigidaire water filter leaking
  3. Door gasket issue
  4. Ice maker leaking
  5. Refrigerator drain pan leaking
  6. Defrost drain clogged
  7. The evaporator fan motor is causing leaks
  8. Water tank leaking

A word of caution here: Before you look into any of these causes, especially with an eye toward fixing them, turn off the circuit breaker or unplug the refrigerator from the outlet. This avoids a potentially dangerous situation.

Water and electricity do not mix … turn off the refrigerator!

Also, for an active water leak, disable the water supply too. (A water stop valve is often located beneath the sink.) 

This way, the leak isn’t a rapidly growing problem while you’re still trying to get a handle on it. 

Refrigerator Water Line Leaking

A water supply must find its way from the home water system into the refrigerator. 

Typically, this is connected at the back of the unit. Unfortunately, it is one of the most frequent causes of water leakage among all fridge brands. 

The result can be restricted water ingress inside the refrigerator, ice production declining from the week prior (water isn’t available or isn’t as plentiful), or a puddle at the rear of the refrigerator. 

How to Inspect Your Water Inlet Valve

A problem with the water coming into your refrigerator can have one of three causes.

Cracked, crimped, or damaged water inlet hose – The inlet hose connects your home’s water supply line to the refrigerator. 

If it fails due to a crack or has become damaged, at least some water will leak onto the floor. Patching these is never adequate; it needs to be replaced with a new one.

Bad home supply line – The home’s supply water line may have cracked under the water pressure and is now leaking water. This isn’t directly related to your refrigerator. 

To address the problem, you’ll need a plumber. Keep the water turned off until they arrive. 

Improper fitting – Two fittings secure the inlet hose on either end. When the fittings aren’t tight, water can leak while passing through the connected sections. 

Carefully tighten the fittings to eliminate any gaps, then verify if this has fixed the problem. 

Frigidaire water filter
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Frigidaire Water Filter Leaking

Water filters are a terrific way to improve the quality of a home’s water supply. They can remove impurities in the water that’s fed into the refrigerator. 

However, in some ways, they can become the weakest link too.

Problems show up either within the filter compartment inside your refrigerator or where the water dispenser is located. 

Why Frigidaire Water Filter Leaks Happen

There are a handful of reasons why water filters can cause leaks:

Poor installation – When a water filter isn’t seated properly, the poor fitting leaves gaps that allow leaks to occur. This could be the first filter that came with the fridge or one added since. 

First, review the manual for your Frigidaire refrigerator model to confirm the correct way to install the filter. Then remove it and reinstall it.

Broken filter – Filters occasionally become damaged while transported through the supply chain, and the damage isn’t noticed until leaks occur. 

If a filter develops a hole or the casing is cracked, it’s unfixable and must be replaced.

Ill-fitting filter brand – An after-market or OEM filter might be used to save money. Unfortunately, these aren’t as robust and sometimes don’t exactly fit. 

Both situations can create unexpected leaks. To resolve the problem, swap the existing filter for the correct Frigidaire filter SKU for your refrigerator model. 

Door Gasket Issue

The door gasket is attached to the inside of the door. It helps to provide an effective seal. 

Gaskets are made from either synthetic rubber or real rubber. However, the material can become too rigid over the years, compromising its sealing abilities. 

While this can happen with a fridge compartment, it’s far more common with freezer sections where leaks are concerned. 

Gaskets can lose enough of their seal to reduce the core internal temperature of the freezer compartment. 

As a result, ice begins to melt, and the inferior seal allows water to leak out. 

How to Inspect Your Frigidaire Door Gaskets

Older gaskets that are failing become hard, dry, and inflexible. A failing gasket may also have noticeably shrunk and no longer cover the entire door length. 

Another possibility is that a gasket has gotten caught on something and is now torn. 

Glue and other adhesive-based solutions won’t cut it. In either case, the gasket cannot be fixed. Instead, it must be replaced. 

Frigidaire refrigerator ice maker leaking water
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Ice Maker Leaking

Ice makers are troublesome features for some refrigerators. Certain manufacturers have even recalled models due to ice maker issues. 

The main reason for an ice maker-related leak is its inlet tube. The tube feeds into the ice maker and sometimes can become clogged due to dirty water. 

This can cause H2O to get backed up or find a new path of escape, causing a water leak. 

How to Inspect an Ice Maker

To do this, you’ll usually need to remove the ice maker unit by unscrewing the fixtures that secure it in place. 

From there, you’ll need to unplug and stow the harness for the wiring. 

If the inlet lines are frozen, a hairdryer can melt the ice in no time. First, the tube must be flushed and cleaned. Then you’ll need to reconnect the harness and resecure the ice maker. 

This is a more complicated task, and you might prefer to call a professional to handle it. However, I do have a few suggestions for that at the end of this article. 

Refrigerator Drain Pan Leaking

Drain pans capture water, and a condenser fan helps in the evaporation process. 

However, captured water can leak through a hole or crack in the pan. 

Additionally, a filled-up drain pan combined with an unlevel fridge can cause a water leak. 

The refrigerator Isn’t Level

If the fridge isn’t level, fix that first. Some models have adjustable feet to change their respective levels at each corner. 

Alternatively, adding something beneath an unlevel corner of the fridge can make it more level. 

Empty the drain pan of collected water. Then inspect it for hairline cracks or a hole. If the pan is damaged, you must replace it. 

Defrost Drain Clogged

The defrost drain allows excess water to move from the freezer compartment down to the refrigerator’s drain pan. It’s hidden in the back section of the freezer compartment. 

The drain can become frozen up or simply clogged with frozen food bits. 

This will lead to an excess pool of water inside your freezer. 

How to Fix a Clogged Defrost Drain 

To fix a defrost drain, heat some water and pour it over the drain. Once it’s de-iced, you can confirm whether it’s also clogged with bits of food.

If it’s still blocked, use more water to flush away the blockage. 

Refrigerator evaporator fan motor

The Evaporator Fan Motor Causing Leaks

The evaporator fan motor is necessary equipment, but it can indirectly cause water leaks. 

Found inside the freezer compartment, the evaporator fan motor, when blocked up, won’t work as required. 

Then the freezer won’t remain at a sufficiently cold temperature, causing ice to melt, water to form, and leaks to happen. 

How to Fix

Use a long brush to clean the evaporator coils. Whether collected dust or assorted debris is the culprit, giving the coils a good clean is usually enough to unclog the evaporator system. 

Otherwise, the fan motor itself might be faulty. If so, you will need to call a technician, who might confirm that the motor needs to be replaced. 

Note: You should also clean the condenser coils on your Frigidaire refrigerator once or twice a year.

Leaking Water Tank

A major water leak can result from a water tank issue. Alternatively, the leak could be slow and small, making it difficult to detect. 

How to Replace a Leaky Frigidaire Water Tank

Water tanks cannot be fixed with duct tape or superglue. 

Instead, a technician will need to inspect the refrigerator, confirm that the water tank is at the end of its life, and order a replacement. 

Once that’s arrived, the technician must return to remove the existing tank and install its replacement. 

Places to Look for Water Leaks

If you strongly suspect your refrigerator is leaking water but are unsure where it’s going, you might need to become a bit of a detective.

Places Where Your Frigidaire Refrigerator Might Leak Water:

  • Water is leaking on the floor in front of the refrigerator
  • The crisper drawer is capturing water and gradually filling up
  • Both the chilled and freezer compartments have water leakage problems
  • Only the top shelf collects water
Refrigerator leaking water on floor

Frigidaire Refrigerator Leaking Water on Floor

Waking up to find that your kitchen floor wet is never a good start to a Sunday morning. 

Nevertheless, if that unwanted puddle is in front of the fridge, you know there is trouble ahead.

Run through the potential causes detailed above to confirm the offender from the list of likely suspects. 

Frigidaire Refrigerator Leaking Water Under Crisper Drawer

Finding water under the crisper drawer inside your Frigidaire refrigerator suggests that the cause is higher up. 

Review the various possibilities to confirm which is the likeliest. Then get to work applying the best fix for it. 

Water Leaking Inside Refrigerator and Freezer

Excess water inside both the refrigerator and the freezer compartment is unexpected. This could be due to multiple causes rather than just one. 

Frigidaire Refrigerator Leaking Water on Top Shelf

A leak from the top shelf is an interesting issue.

If your refrigerator is a top freezer model, the freezer section could be defrosting slightly due to a bad evaporator or an inferior gasket.

However, if the top shelf is in a refrigerated – not frozen – compartment, the mystery deepens. 

Check a few of the possibilities to track this one down. 

When to Call for Professional Help

Many of the causes of a water leak from a Frigidaire refrigerator are small and require minor fixes. 

As such, they don’t usually need specialized equipment. A keen eye, a flashlight perhaps, and patience are usually sufficient. 

However, some repairs or faults, e.g., a damaged water tank, are more significant and cannot be fixed. 

By correctly isolating the cause of the leak and looking at the suggested fix, you can determine whether it’s within your capabilities to handle it. 

When in doubt, getting professional help is appropriate. Also, if the refrigerator is still covered under its original warranty, request a service call.

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